<h1>ATD Electronique adds six new 4th Gen Sony CMOS PregiusS sensors to its portfolio .</h1><br> We are pleased to announce that we added six new Pregius S sensors from Sony to our portfolio. The stacked CMOS image sensors with global shutter function and back-illuminated pixel structure of 2.74µm represent the 4th Gen of Sony’s CMOS Global Shutter sensor line.



ATD ELECTRONIQUE<br> Our company exists since 1990.<br> Through the complementarity of its product lines dedicated to innovating products, ATD Electronique is specialized in the fields of digital video for professional and prosumer markets.

InGaAs SWIR Image Sensors

InGaAs SWIR Image Sensors

Learn more about the SNAKE SW & SNAKE Tecless, 640x512 µm pitch - InGaAs The new generation VGA sensor for high performance SWIR applications<br>

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

<h1> ATD ELECTRONIQUE S.A.S<br> ISO 9001/2008 certification has been renewed successfully.<br> <br> <br> Bureau Veritas Certification France certify the reneval of ATD Electronique SAS management system based on the standard ISO 9001:2008.



<h1> Macnica releases SLVS-EC interface IP core for FPGA <br> <br> Macnica Inc., today expanded its Mpression IP portfolio releasing SLVS-EC interface IP core for INTEL FPGA compliant with SLVS-EC interface technology newly incorporated into Sony CMOS Image Sensor.



HELION VISION <br> offers image processing solutions and design services for customized camera systems, imaging modules or complete camera and display systems in markets such as automotive, medical, security and industrial.

Corning Varioptic Lenses

Corning Varioptic Lenses

Corning® Varioptic® Lenses rely on the electrowetting principle where the interface of two liquids is modified when a voltage is applied. This eliminates moving parts, bringing a unique competitive advantage to the market, and enabling fast focus.

ATD Electronique - Your European Partner in Imaging Solutions
CMOS Image Sensors
CMOS Image Sensors

ATD Electronique represents and distributes innovative electronic component brands and offers engineering services for machine vision and imaging applications.


Our portfolio includes image sensors, controller & interface ICs, ISPs as well as development tools and design services enabling fast and efficient realization of new high performance camera systems for markets such as automotive, medical, security and machine vision.


Welcome at ATD.

Antoine Hide

CEO, ATD Electronique

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29 Years of Experience

Based on our distributed CCD/CMOS image sensors, Imaging processing IP, innovative Optics, Controller & Interface ICs, ATD Electronique has been offering outstanding Imaging solutions for more than 29 years through its European Network.


ATD's quality Management is certified by ISO 9001 since 1999.  On June, 30th 2016, the certification has been renewed to ISO 9001-2008.


Additional to this, ATD is a certified Warehouse according to the SONY Japan quality Management, which allows us to support our customers with the latest information about products and news.

The Philosophy of ATD

To answer our customers expectations we do not have any products or lines of products in competition with them. We are providing solutions. Fast, efficient and fair.

5 Offices in Europe

You will find our offices also close to your location:

Our Headquarter in France close to Paris, and our Representative Offices in Germany, (Regensburg), in Italy close to Verona, our office in Spain close to Madrid and in UK (Milton Keynes, Macnica UK Ltd).

We are looking forward to see you. 

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ATD Electronique adds six new fourth generation Sony CMOS Pregius S sensors to its portfolio

ATD Electronique is pleased to announce that it added six new PregiusS sensors from its distribution partner Sony to its portfolio. The stacked CMOS image sensors with global shutter function and back-illuminated pixel structure of 2.74µm represent the fourth generation of Sony’s CMOS Global Shutter sensor line. These new products achieve both compactness and high definition, plus distortion-free images of moving objects due to their stacked structures with the global shutter function made possible by the back-illuminated pixel structure.


Sensor samples and Sony Evaluation Board available through ATD

While mass production start of the new sensor types according to Sony is scheduled this summer, ATD as prime distributor of Sony vision sensors already received a sample stock which can be delivered to its customers. In addition to sample delivery, ATD customers are welcomed to utilize the Sony Evaluation Board which is available through the ATD support on a free of charge loan basis for normally two weeks.

ATD Electronique
Macnica completed acquisition
of ATD Electronique in France

July 11th, 2019, Paris, France

Macnica Inc., a leading value-added distributor and IP developer headquartered in Yokohama, Japan announced it has just completed 100% acquisition of ATD Electronique based in Chatou, France who specializes in electronic component distribution, especially of image sensors, optics and image processing integrated circuits and also in multimedia equipment with its IT department. ATD has been servicing electronic system manufacturers across Europe since its inception in 1990, representing major suppliers such as Sony, ams, Lynred, Corning/Varioptic and etc. Its business has grown significantly in machine vision applications, particularly in the fields of production line inspection systems, robotics, scientific research equipment and security surveillance systems, of which European system developers have been leading the global market in technological advancement.


ATD Electronique

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