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Our company exists since 1990.


Through the complementarity of its product lines dedicated to innovating products, Macnica ATD Europe is specialized in the fields of digital video for professional and prosumer markets.


Still trying to complete its range of partners/products, Macnica ATD Europe put all its energy to bring its customers the information, the support and the service they need to be successful and gain new markets.

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Our History



Creation of ATD Electronique per Mr. Antoine Hide and Mr. Benoît Olivier-Blais. The objective of ATD Electronique is to represent and distribute innovating products in the field of electronic components. ATD Electronique signs a contract of distribution with SONY (semiconductor division) and introduces the first fast static RAMs (Random Access Memories) on the French market.





1991 - ATD Electronique signs a contract of distribution and representation with ZORAN




Reinforcement of the bonds of partnership with SONY by the promotion of matrix and linear image CCD sensors.





Marketing on the SOUTHERN market Europe of the first JPEG processors of ZORAN.





Iso9001 certification (2000 version).





To widen its panel of solutions ATD Electronique signs a contract of distribution with EMPIA for the promotion and the marketing of USB SOCs (System on Chip).





Signing of a representation and distribution’s contract with Fairchild Imaging, specialized in the manufacturing of CCD and sCMOS image sensors dedicated to the military, scientific and Medical markets.





ATD Electronique goes European and opens in Spain its first sales office out of France.





ITAR Certification (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) with the U.S. State Department





To increase its European coverage and get closer to its customers, ATD Electronique opens simultaneously sales offices in Germany and Italy. ATD Electronique signs a contract representation with GEO and introduces on the SOUTHERN market Europe the first DSP.





New European Distributor agreement signed between ATD Electronique and Awaiba





Distribution and Sales Representation agreement signed between Varioptic and ATD Electronique for Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.





ATD Electronique signed a new distribution agreement for France and Italy with Gainspan, a US company in the field of embedded Wi-Fi SoCs and modules.





From June 1st, 2015 CMOSIS and ATD Electronique have extended the existing distributor agreement for the Awaiba product range. From now on, ATD will distribute the whole CMOSIS product range in Europe.



Macnica Inc., the leading electronic component distributor in Japan, and ATD Electronique, a value added distributor headquartered in Montesson, France, have entered into an agreement for Macnica to acquire 49% of ATD’s outstanding shares on July 22nd, 2016.



ATD and Sofradir signed Distribution agreement. Sofradir is the leading developer and manufacturer of key classes of advanced infrared (IR) detectors for military, space, scientific and industrial applications. Its vast IR product portfolio covers the entire spectrum from visible and near infrared to very far infrared.



ATD and Caeleste signed Partnership agreement.

Caeleste is a supplier of turn-key, high-end, beyond state-of-the-art CMOS image sensors. Caeleste activities includes custom image sensor design, manufacture, assembly and characterization. Caeleste is the originator of many novel concepts as high-speed, low-noise image sensors, indirect X-ray detectors with photon counting, color X-ray sensors, and sub-0.5 noise electron read noise CMOS pixels.

Caeleste focuses on:

  • Image sensors for scientific imaging and instrumentation

  • Medical imaging (X-ray devices with either direct or indirect X-ray photon conversion)

  • Particle detection (electrons – protons)

  • Industrial image sensors

  • Space and radiation hard design

  • Photonic devices for life science application


Macnica completed acquisition of ATD Electronique in France.

Macnica Inc., a leading value-added distributor and IP developer headquartered in Yokohama, Japan announced it has just completed 100% acquisition of ATD Electronique based in Chatou, France who specializes in electronic component distribution.