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Helion Imaging IP-Cores
Helion Vision
Helion Vision
Helion Vision

Helion offers a comprehensive selection of video pipelines, ranging from basic to advanced monochrome and color pipelines, all the way through high resolution advanced High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) color pipelines.

Depending on the pipeline selected, it will consist of a number of individual video processing IP cores, such as defective pixel correction, logic-efficient 3 x 3 De-Bayering, high quality 5 x 5 De-Bayering, color-correction matrix, gamma correction, auto-exposure, auto-white balance and more. These cores also support Lattice FPGA devices, and are all compatible and simply connected with the Wishbone bus.

IONOS Imaging IP-Cores Features


- Full Configuration Access

- Image Sensor Indepent

- DSP Interfacing

- More than 150 IP- Cores available

  Video Processing IP-Cores

Containing more than 150 individual pieces of IP Cores, the library is available for licensing either entirely or in parts. The IONOS-ISP, which is already integrated in the Lattice HDR-60 Camera Development Kit, is a plug-and-play demo pipeline and can be configured via Helion‘s ICG-GUI Software to set up the ISP parameters. The ISP supports up to 16 megapixel sensors and is easily programmable via standard USB cable.

  Advanced Dynamic Range with IONOS-WDR Pipeline

                     Conventional Video Processing                                                                     HDRI Video Processing

Extremely wide 120dB HDR IP ensures that no detail in dark areas is lost even if an intruder points a flashlight directly towards the camera lens, the HDR, working in close conjunction with fast-auto-exposure, rapidly adjusts exposure with changing the light conditions to offer a system dynamic range of a enormous 192dB.

The video and Images are produced with the HWK1910A from Fairchild Imaging by BAE Systems. This sensor delivers extreme low-light sensitivity with a read noise of 1 electron RMS and low dark current.  These features, combined with 2.1 megapixel resolution, 60 fps imaging rates and the ability for auto calibration makes the HWK1910A easy to integrate in a variety of systems and ideally suited for a variety of high throughout, low light-level imaging applications.

Image Processing IP - Reference Designs
Helion Vision

Available Reference Designs to shorten development Time, based on the VESTA Camera Development Platform and ready to use Image Signal Processing IP from Helion.

Technology Guide

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Helion Vision  Technology Guide

The IONOS- Image Signal Processing (ISP) IP pipeline from Helion, provides end-to-end ISP support from sensor to displayable image, and incorporates sensor interfacing, defective pixel correction & 3D noise reduction, high quality 5 x 5 DeBayer, Color Correction Matrix, Fast Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance, HDR, Gamma Correction and Overlay (both character and graphics).


Starting with project-support to Helion‘s VESTA Technology Platform, over development tools to algorithms and ready-to-use IONOS Imaging Pipelines, Helion gives you all the flexibility and scalability of image processing components.

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