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The Mpression brand showcases solutions and technologies that the Macnica Group of companies develops for its customers worldwide. Mpression strives to provide a superior package of solutions leveraging expertise in key technologies such as FPGAs, processors, and interface devices, together with system-level technologies such as power and clock trees. Mpression completes the offering with expertise in signal integrity, intellectual property, and software support.

While electronic designs are becoming more complex, engineers are required to design products on ever shortening schedules and at lower costs, without compromising performance or quality. Mpression Solutions deliver the necessary environment for those engineers to accelerate their electronics designs while maintaining higher quality and performance. In addition to the day-to-day technical support from Macnica Group companies worldwide, Mpression provides a further benefit – one step ahead at the system level.

Video & Machine Vision IP Overview 



Next generation Sony CMOS image sensor interface


SLVS-EC Rx IP provides SLVS-EC interface for Altera FPGA to receive image sensor data. SLVS-EC is Sony’s upcoming high-speed interface for next-generation high-resolution CMOS image sensors. This standard is tolerant of lane-to-lane skew because of embedded clock technology, so that it makes a board level design very easy in terms of high-speed and long distance transmission.

  • Compliant with SLVS-EC Specification Version 1.2/2.0

  • Supports various functions defined by the SLVS-EC Link layer (Altera PCS/PMA is used as Physical layer)

  • Supports Byte-to-Pixel conversion for various lane-configurations

  • Supports Header analysis and Payload error detection


* Please contact us about limitations.

  • The operating frequency may not be achievable depending on the speed grade, number of lanes, and other factors of the FPGA used.

Supported Devices
  • Cyclone V GX

  • Cyclone 10 GX

  • Arria 10 GX

  • * Please contact us about other devices.

  • Encrypted RTL (Verilog HDL)

  • Reference design

  • Simulation environment (For ModelSim)

  • User's manual, Reference manual, Simulation manual

Device Resource Utilization

Resource Utilization for Altera Cyclone V GX (8 LANE Full Configuration)

SLVS-EC Utilization

*  The above values are estimated resource utilization of the IP and Transceivers. They may vary depending on your system configuration.

Demo Environment

Data output from Sony CMOS image sensor via SLVS-EC is received by the FPGA. The FPGA outputs RAW still image to USB3.0 and live video image to HDMI respectively. In addition to SLVS-EC Rx IP, another Mpression family IP, “HDMI 2.0 Tx IP” is also used in this demonstration.

SLVS-EC Overview

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EasyMVC - Versatile Machine Vision Camera Development Kit
Description                                                       Features           

EasyMVC stands for Easy Machine Vision Camera. Machine Vision Camera Development Kit for both hardware engineers and software developers who work on machine vision systems.
This kit consists of three major parts, an image sensor board, an FPGA board, and an interface board. By changing the combination thereof, various sensors, IPs, interfaces, etc., which affect the performance of the machine vision system, can be evaluated without requiring any troublesome setup. In addition, sample designs of hardware and software are provided to help short-term and low-cost development. 

  • Evaluate key technologies making up machine vision cameras

  • Cutting-edge CMOS image sensors

  • Various Machine Vision interfaces

  • IP cores that Macnica offers

  • Make it easy to develop prototypes of machine vision camera

  • FPGA design

  • Firmware development

  • Development of Host PC software, etc.

Product line up with a combination of sensor, FPGA, and Machine Vision interface.
Easy MVC

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