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The Network of Macnica ATD Europe

The search for innovating products with an important life cycle meeting our customers’ expectations imposes a partnership with companies having these various aspects.





Image Sensor Partners




SONY is the unchallenged world leader of CCD sensors, SONY introduces new CMOS sensors dedicated to the markets of safety and industrial applications. 

Note: Macnica ATD Europe supports all requests for Europe. 







ams Sensors (CMOSIS, Awaiba) is a pure-play supplier of standard, off-the-shelf as well as custom area and line scan CMOS image sensors. ams' imagers feature global and rolling shutter, low noise, high dynamic range and high frame rates through high-speed on-chip ADC and digital interfaces. The core business is the development and supply of image sensors for specialized applications, focusing on medical endoscopy, industrial inspection, high-speed imaging, high-speed line scan, automotive on board cameras and scientific imaging and analysis. ams, AWAIBA offers CMOS image sensors custom designed to these applications as well as off the shelf products optimized for well-defined application areas.

Note: Macnica ATD Europe supports all requests for Europe, except Russia.





Caeleste is a supplier of turn-key, high-end, beyond state-of-the-art CMOS image sensors. Caeleste activities includes custom image sensor design, manufacture, assembly and characterization. Caeleste is the originator of many novel concepts as high-speed, low-noise image sensors, indirect X-ray detectors with photon counting, color X-ray sensors, and sub-0.5 noise electron read noise CMOS pixels.

Note: Macnica ATD Europe supports all requests for France, Italy, Spain, Portugal

Optic Partners





Corning® Varioptic® Lenses rely on the electrowetting principle where the interface of two liquids is modified when a voltage is applied. This eliminates moving parts, bringing a unique competitive advantage to the market, and enabling fast focus. The technology is ideal for use in demanding industrial applications that require robust, accurate, fast, and long-lasting lenses.






Tamron's FA / Machine Vision fixed focal length lenses incorporate advanced technologies in compact packages to deliver ultrahigh optical quality even in close-focusing distances, providing ideal solutions in a wide range of image processing applications. 

Note: Macnica ATD Europe supports all requests for Europe. 

Imaging Solution Partners




HELION VISION offers a wide variety of engineering and consulting services in the field of CMOS image sensor technology and TFT display systems. Based on 15 years of practical experience in research and camera development, Helion offers a wide variety of services to make developments easy, fast and flexible for camera manufacturers.

Note: Macnica ATD Europe supports all requests worldwide







eMPIA is the Expert in USB Video and Audio solutions, the eMPIA components are used in bureaucratic applications as well as in medical applications.

Note: Macnica ATD Europe supports all requests for Europe. 

MACNICA strives to provide a superior package of solutions leveraging expertise in key technologies such as FPGAs, processors, and interface devices, together with system-level technologies such as power and clock trees. MACNICA completes the offering with expertise in signal integrity, intellectual property, and software support.

Helion Vision