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Design Services & Imaging Support
Helion Vision

Helion Vision offers image processing solutions and design services for customized camera systems, imaging modules or complete camera and display systems in markets such as automotive, medical, security and industrial. 


Based on 15 years of experience in research and camera development, Helion offers a wide variety of design services to make camera developments efficient, fast and flexible.

Starting with project-support to Helion‘s VESTA Technology Platform, over development tools to algorithms and ready-to-use IONOS Imaging Pipelines, Helion gives you all the flexibility and scalability of image processing components.

Helion has excellent knowledge of CMOS image sensors and offers support for customized developments to accelerate the whole design process. Furthermore, our engineers will also assist camera designers during the complex implementation of image processing functions and sensor



Customized Camera Design Services
Vesta Camera Development Kit
Image Sensor Evaluation- & Camera Prototype Platform 
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The Vesta camera development platform is a modular technology platform that combines image sensor headboards, video processing FPGA Boards and several interface Boards to make a customized camera development as much as flexibel to your needs.

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Image Sensor Training and Workshops
Helion's training courses are available to a limited number of attendees (max 15) to ensure close communications and interactivity during the seminar.
Regarding our fixed seminars, we can offer our customers also customized workshops, where you can decide, which of the following parts fits better to your needs. These Workshops can also be done at your location in german, english and french language.


Customized Imaging Workshops

Helion Training and Workshop

Helion supports your design team in FPGA and DSP based CMOS image sensor based on the following workshops:


  • FPGA based Image Processing

  • Hardware Architectures: DSP, FPGA, ISP & Companion Units for Image Processing

  • Imaging IP-Blocks for Image Pre-Processing & Pipelines

  • Real Time HDR (High Dynamic Range) at 60 fps and 1080p resolution

  • Evaluation on the Lattice HDR-60 Camera Development Kit

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Vesta Headboard
Vesta Processing Board
Vesta Interface Board
Image Sensor Board
Processing Board
Interface Board